About Mo. Cathy Jewellery


Mo.Cathy’s Pearl is a british fashion jewellery designer and trader, established in 2016. Our boutique-style jewellery and accessories are all made of culturing pearls, magical healing crystals and superior sterling silver.


The brand of our jewels is inspired by a famous story from the China – Cuddling our babies is like holding a precious and valueable pearl in your palm. So, we put extremely high level of attention detail and care into our jewels, just like how mothers taking care of their little babies. We aim to bring simple elegance to every woman through our designer jewellery.

Pearls and Semi-precious Gemstones Sourced by Mo.Cathy

Our pearls are all sourced and cultured from sustainable pearl farms worldwide. Freshwater pearls are from the agriculture style pearl farms in China while the saltwater pearls are sourced and traded from Hongkong, Japan, French Polynesia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Australia.

We make efforts in ensuring good quality of our semi-precious gemstones being used on our jewellery. All of our gemstones are coloured naturally and not treated. They come from several pegmatite mines globally, e.g. Rose Quartz is from Madagascar; Purple Amethyst is from Brazil, etc.

We love make jewellery and share Jewellery stories with you!

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